Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Ive been passing a biofuel corn field for weeks now and have regretted driving past without stopping to take some pictures, so this morning I had to go over and take advantage of it before they cut it all down. I didnt really have a specific image in mind but when I got them on the laptop I thought a HDR style effect would suit the pictures, Ive only given them a hint of HDR because sometimes it can look over the top. Hope you like!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Rose x2!

Here is the second Photoshoot from today, its of Rose again (my brothers girlfriend). Rose had some great news from a modeling agency who were impressed with the photo's from February so we decided to go out and get some more!

Brotherly Love!

So after begging my brother to let me Photoshoot him because I haven't found any good male guinea pigs recently I manged to get some trendy pics of him. Ive done 2 photoshoots in 1 today... Ill post my other set next but first here's my bro, Danny.