Monday, 28 February 2011


Its that time of month again where Im bursting at the seams with creativity so I asked my lovely sister in law (almost) if she'd like some pictures doing and help me out with some of my ideas, Rose is so lovely and absolutely stunning. These were shot in Newborough Forest, I had a beachy look in my head because Rose is very surfy and natural. We stopped off in Aberffraw to start with where we found a great old looking boat just sitting in its lonely shadow, props are great for making your photos a little more interesting. We couldn't have asked for better weather it was beautiful. When we got to Newbourough it was clouded over slightly in the forest which made the lighting perfect!! We had a great day and such a good laugh (as always) trecking around trying to find the perfect little spots in the forest, and Rose said it wasnt as awkward as she thought it would be.

Amazing view...

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

iPhone 4 Movie

I decided to test out the iPhone4 Video Camera properly by making a little montage of some objects in my room. Its such an impressive camera, I hated the iPhone2G camera but this new one puts a smile on my face every time... anyway just a bit of fun below.

Also If you do have an iPhone there's a great Photo App called 'Instagram'. It changes your photos with different filters and makes them into Polaroids (sort of). There is also a great free Polaroid Programme (for your computer) from Polaroid themselves HERE. It turns your digital pictures into Polaroids and the resolution is also high enough to get some good prints out of them. Have fun!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Editors Choice...

So my basketball picture (in my previous blog post) has been getting good feedback on some Photography Magazine Websites. I logged onto PhotoAnswers the other day and it had made it into the Editors Choice Catagory. He wrote a great comment about it saying "This is a fairly simple image to take, but it's yet another image that shows a little effort and some visualisation really means your results can be greater than the sum of their parts". Exciting! Lets hope it makes their 'Practical Photography' Magazine.