Thursday, 3 March 2011

Think outside the box...

I thought I'd write a blog to help inspire this depressing time, none of us asked to be born into this crappy society but here we are. In 12 months I've earnt £50 from Blogging on the internet, I have 1 advert on my blog and a couple Amazon products. I set up a Westlife blog about 12 months ago... laugh all you want, but I receive around 150 page views a day and have had 33,000 page views in total. I recently became a OnePiece Brand Ambassador (a week ago) and have earnt £15 in commission already. The point to this blog is, Im barely doing anything. I post a few news stories about Westlife a month and watch the google ad clicks come in. Is it that easy? Imagine what you could make if you put some effort in and had 10 blogs with 3 adverts on each blog? You'd be laughing.
All you need is a GoogleAds Account which is free and something to Blog about, you get paid for every click you receive. (dont click yourself, they'll find out). Below are some screen shots of my earnings...

I hope this small post inspires a few of you who are shafted at the job center or are in University without a job or whatever your situation may be. Its costing me £50 a week in petrol at the minute, my car is a 1.4 that averages around 45MPG.... I travel about 60miles a day... I have a part time job and yet I cant keep my head above water with money, all I seem to spend my money on is petrol. So if you see a google ad at the side of my page, I beg you give it a little click so I can make 20p off it. Thanks!

You can view my Westlife Blog Here.

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