Friday, 2 September 2011

Stalker Walker!

The other day I got a glimpse of what it might be like to be a Paparazzi, I know they are the lowest form of Photographer but I absolutely loved it (and they make a ton of money).

Anyway, Ronan Keating and a couple of other celebs were in town for a charity swim which you can check out HERE swimming from Holyhead to Dublin. Ronan had posted a photo on his twitter account that morning saying he was on the train up to Holyhead, so I put my Westlife Stalking skills to use and found out what train he was on and got to the train station ready to PAP him. There weren't many people there, mainly people who worked at the station and The Swim Team... and a few other women lurking.

Ronan with my Auntie & Cousin.

After he had taken a few photos I followed him all the way to the bus (the only person that did) and I have to say he was one of the nicest people, he stopped for many people to have photos and openly talked about going on the booze after the swim when they arrived in Dublin. Not once did he question me following him and taking photos.

After he got on his little mini bus I got in my car and again put my Westlife Stalking Skills to good use and followed his bus to the marina. When I got to the marina I went to ask an event organizer some questions and found out that The Swim Team would be holding a press conference at 2/2.30PM so I stuck around for a while and managed to get a good spot for pictures. When the celebs came out they posed for a couple of photographs and then went and spoke to camera crews, except Ronan, Ronan came over to the crowd and spoke to most people, signed autographs and posed for photos.

a video I asked my Dad to film....

My uncle who works for local paper as a photographer was in the press area and as Ronan got closer to me and asked me to get Ronan so we could have a photo, which I am chuffed with... I didn't desperately want a photo with the lovely Irish man but who's to turn the opportunity down? I was a big fan of Ronan as a kid and I like a good handful of his songs now so it was a great ending to a cool day! Ive got the PAP bug now....!

Photo's by Gareth Jones.

We were also shown on the news... from 7 seconds.

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