Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Self Portrait

Here's some good tips and tricks to try if you want to get a professional feel to your photos but without any professional lighting. I wanted to get some professional looking Self Portraits because all the one's I had were crap. So after remembering about a trick I used a few months back for a Boxing shot I decided to use the old spot light trick, I doubt anyone hasn't got some spot lights in their house like this....

These are great because you can move them to where you want the light to be as long as you have a space on the wall or something plain behind you.

With the wall being green I will have to change the photos to Black and White otherwise everything has a grinch tinge to it... which is not a good look. Lots of people always ask how I take photo's of myself and all I can tell you is I have a small remote and a tripod. If you have neither of these dont rush out and spend your money, be creative. Find something to rest your camera on i.e a stack of yellow pages or Argos catalogues.... or make something. Also most cameras these days have a timer on them so you can set it around 10 seconds and have time to get your pose right.

Last tip about taking a Self Portrait... be yourself. Don't be all smily if your not a smily person, it has to reflect who you are. If you be yourself it will shine through that lens. Here's how the turned out....

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